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Let’s be honest, procrastination is a bitch and a huge time waster when you’re trying to get to your goal faster!  When you “should” be taking action or doing certain things that will move you towards that dream life you know you really want, but you find yourself doing anything but… and why?  Most people don’t know, and as much as I’d like to peer into my crystal ball to tell you why, my crystal ball is broken.  Sorry.  No such magic answers today 😉 #ifonlyitwasthateasy

If you really want to know what’s specifically keeping you stuck, that’s something I teach you in the Source4Shift ® Training.  Shameless plug.  Go check it out lol.

Anyway!  Moving onto 3 ways to get out of procrastination, that is, if you don’t have shitloads of subconscious crap that’s at the root of your procrastination problem 😉  We’ll get to that after…

  1. Trick yourself!!!  I do this with myself all the time when I’m procrastinating on getting into work… I say “I’ll just do 5 minutes” or “I’ll just do the first part” and once I get going, I tend to keep going and then I’m soooooo in my groove that I find it hard to stop when I’m supposed to.  You know, when kids need feeding and husbands want loving attention.  Kisses, people, just kisses!  Geez…
  2. List all the things you get out of actually doing it!  But go a step further and list out the ripple effect.  It’s not enough to say “it’s done and that feels good”.  I mean, that feels good and all but it might not be enough to light that fire under your ass to really get going!  You might need to directly connect it to your income and money if not having enough is a concern right now, as an example.  And if it is, then connect it to the other things that you will then be able to do once you have it!  MAKE IT A HUGE LIST OF BENEFITS!
  3. List all of the things that won’t happen or will get worse if you don’t.  Sometimes dangling the carrot just isn’t enough to get that ass moving, you actually need to whip it too.  You can actually whip it if it’s your thing (no judgment here, although it’s supposed to be something you don’t enjoy in this point… Sorry, I digress, was caught up in the whip thing lol), but metaphorically, you need to connect to the pain of not taking the action.  To get a nice big list here, ask what the cost is and include the financial, mental, emotional, physical costs of not doing it.  You want a HUGE list of the cost of not taking that action and use the pain for motivation, not to dwell in though.  Don’t get stuck in the pain using it to procrastinate more, USE it to motivate you!

But seriously, don’t just use one of these, use all 3!!!  The triple combo is even more powerful than just one of these alone.

In all honesty, there suggestions and many more like them will work some of the time.  Yeah I know, if you’re saying “yeah, I tried these and they didn’t work!”  Congratulations, you’ve realised that motivation to take action is a bit more complex than mere simple strategies can dissolve…

There is hidden pain in taking the action or a positive payoff from not taking it, that often fuels procrastination.  Often born from a fear of failure or a fear, judgment, rejection of success and unless you are aware of what’s really happening at a subconscious level, all the strategies under the sun won’t make a huge difference, and this is how you know if you need to do some internal work.  Especially since 90 – 95% of you resides in the subconscious and is really the part of you that’s driving the car or steering the boat, pick whatever analogy works for you 🙂

Use these 3 together and go gangbusters! 

If you find that nothing is helping, it’s time to look at what else you can be doing to make those deeper level shifts and if you haven’t already got a technique, tool or modality, or a friend who’s a coach/therapist that can help you (highly recommend you do something), then check out Source4Shift ®.  If not this, please find something else which helps you heal emotional crap and reprogram the subconscious mind because that’s where your answers are (not in the crystal ball, damnit… I know) <3




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