Before you go…  Is this you?

Are you having a hard time maintaining a consistent spiritual practice to make everything so much easier?

Are you missing a magical heightened experience with amazing people who get you?

Are you trying to master manifesting and keep your vibration high at the same time as keeping your sanity?


As a human navigating the awakening and ascension path, the juggle and struggle is real!

We know you have days where you are ugly crying into your coffee (or green tea) because nothing is working like you’d hoped, you’re doubting yourself and feeling like a failure (which isn’t true but it sure feels that way)…

You’re all alone battling against your mindset, which makes everything seem worse and on top of that, it feels like the Universe isn’t playing ball with you.  🙁

Well-meaning friends and family can’t help because they don’t always understand the desire to be a high vibing, enlightened, awakened being and the courage it takes to forge your own path. Their answer is for you “see reason” *cringe* but they don’t relate to how soul-crushing it can feel to fit into old paradigm thinking.  Ugh.

In moments like that you need someone who can seriously help you turn that mindshit around and someone who can give you some psychic insight as to what else is really going on and how to change it, and of course, help give you direction and extra information to make decisions with…

How awesome would it be to have not 1,

but 2 besties that can do that for you?!?!


We have both been there so we totally get it and one thing we realised through our own journeys is that you need a tribe around you who also get it and who will remind you on your down days that…


These fabulous, like-minded women love to support their fellow high vibing peeps out there… They are also trying to succeed at the same time as child wrangling, cleaning up the chaos that is the home, wishing for a cleaning fairy who also shops and cooks and takes care of the partner’s to-do list (if there is one).

One day we’ll have clones!!!

Why Join Us?

  • You get to work with a Master Mindset Coach AND a Psychic for way LESS than the cost private sessions with either of us, and you get us BOTH!
  • Gain a tribe that understands your struggles
  • Receive real life guidance, psychic insights and practical strategies in the moments you need it most in the mini Q&A at the end
  • We tell it to you straight… But with love!
  • We’re the outsider looking in so we’re able to see what’s really going on and help you sort that sh*t out
  • Amazing friendships – with people who are part of your soul tribe and really get you
  • Plenty of laughs – sometimes AT us but also with us, we are human too and we don’t hold back in the sharing, although sometimes maybe we should!
  • Warning: we swear, we’re real and sometimes we cry too, particularly if the wine/coffee has run out
  • Mastering manifesting is not easy on your own, so guess what?  We mentor in manifesting, channelling, intuition development and all the energy, sparkly goodness there too…

Spirit Circle Subscription Includes:

Spirit Circles have 2 sessions per month (full moon and new moon).  They go for 90 minutes each that include the following:

  • Grounding and healing – energy alignment to start the session so it’s the most potent for all
  • Guided processes – to either release what no longer serves you or has been holding you back, or to call in what you are working to manifest
  • Guided Energy transmission – from Source and our Team in Spirit, Therese channels whatever is most needed in the moment for all participants and often includes light language and energy downloads for each person to help them
  • Group energy intensifier – where there is a group, the manifesting power is significantly increased for all to benefit, including the world
  • Live psychic Q&A – For the last 20 – 30 minutes of the call, it’s open for people to get their questions answered and psychic guidance
  • A recording of the session – so you can re-listen to the energy transmission or go deeper with the processes within the 2 weeks before the next Spirit Circle

Monthly Investment:

$78USD $33USD

But test us out first –>

“Love Rach and Therese! The full moon spirit circle was transformative and fun. Powerful and loving energy is felt during the session allowing for higher vibrations to shine through.” – Holly Collins

“As always I really enjoyed the spirit circle.  I have been feeling pretty heavy energetically the last few weeks and after the Spirit Circle felt light, like I could actually see and feel myself being light and free!  Thank you so much!” – Trupti

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