Rach is the Success Alchemist in the team; an Intuitive Transformational Coach, Success Catalyst, a Healer, Mentor, Mindset and Emotion Master, Teacher and the creator of the Source4Shift ® Technique… Among other things!

Clearly she’s not just a regular coach!   Coaching and helping clients master their mindset and emotional crap since 2004, her work creates deep and rapid transformational shifts (and sometimes physical healing) getting past emotional and mindset blocks and sabotaging patterns is her thing, using her Source4Shift Technique and her “kickass power tools” which are a mixture of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming ), Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming, Hypnosis, Emotional Clearing techniques, Theta Healing and various energy healing techniques involving a connection with Consciousness (Universe, God, Source, Spirit, The Divine, The Collective – pick a name), Results Coaching methodologies, Shadow Work and forgiveness work, all used with her developed intuitive skills and good old common sense based on decades of personal and professional experience dissolving issues/blocks/patterns in her own life as well as those of her amazing clients.

Rach works with Law of Attraction and manifesting methodologies too, helping ladypreneurs co-create with The Universe.  She was a coach in the coaching team for Summer McStravick’s Manifesting and Empathic Intuition School (flowdreaming.com), coaching, mentoring and supporting the hundreds of students as they learned and mastered manifesting and empathic intuition for greater and easier success.

Rach has been focused on her spiritual journey and intuitive development intensely for the last few years but she’s not your airy-fairy, woo-woo kind of spiritual teacher, she likes practical spirituality with no BS or unnecessary ritual.  She loves showing people how to increase their attraction power to manifest more clients and easier success in their business 😉 

Rach’s focus is holistic so can bet your work with her will bring you back to being aligned and connected to your soul/spirit/Source as well as clear out your emotional junk and rewire your mindset, so you align and unlock your superstar personal power to build a kickass and thriving business sooner rather than later!

Emotion mastery has been something Rach has had to learn the importance of by experiencing the destruction it causes, both within herself and with others.  Emotions rule us; the action we take or don’t take, how we feel about ourselves, the work we do, our bodies, the people we’re in relationships with, determines our action and therefore our results.

When we don’t feel good, we hold ourselves back to avoid the pain we’ve associated with the action/the person.  

Motivation, momentum and inspiration comes from feeling good, which lead to taking bold actions and RESULTS = Happiness!

This lack of emotion mastery played a big part in creating a low self-esteem for many years which resulted in a turbulent relationship (her first marriage ending in divorce), not taking action and not putting herself out there resulting in a much longer, more painful and less successful entrepreneurial journey…

Having a very successful and thriving relationship AND being in the media around the world gave Rach plenty of opportunities to master her emotions; to understand them, heal the triggers and step forward more whole/integrated and empowered.  

The journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur also gave Rach a plethora of opportunities to learn new things and master emotions, particularly fear and feeling like she was not enough; not good enough, didn’t know enough, fearing failure and also success at the same time (talk about keeping yourself stuck and small!)

Not anymore!!!  Now she is flying to the USA regularly, running online trainings for people all over the world, writing her second book (with Therese this time), being on radio, TV, multiple podcasts and being invited as a guest on multiple summits in the USA and Australia, she’s even created her own technique for healing and mindset reprogramming, she’s certainly not thinking or playing small anymore, with BIG things coming up this year now that baby baking is done… For good, she says!  It’s time to hit the exponential growth pattern and she knows exactly what she needs to do, with all the tools and techniques to obliterate any blocks that show up, there’s nothing stopping her either.

She’s also gifted in brainstorming online business, products and package ideas for other entrepreneurs.

Her philosophy is almost all blocks, patterns and negative emotional reactions in ANY area of life, come back to unresolved emotional stuff, mindset crap plus being disconnected from ones own soul/spirit/purpose.

Rach is extremely open-minded and non-judgmental so there isn’t anything you can’t talk about with her.  She is the one person you can be completely real and authentic with, which is the best way to get the most out of working with her, and don’t be surprised if she shows you what you are hiding from yourself that is really holding you back!

Here are some of the typical things people see Rach about but not limited to:

  • Living and working intuitively guided from heart/soul instead of head
  • Building a business with your Team in Spirit as your business partners to make it HEAPS easier, ore enjoyable and magical
  • Dissolving fear and other blocks or patterns to superstar success in career or business
  • Making the best decisions aligned with your purpose/soul/spirit/source
  • Dissolving overwhelm and indecision
  • Dissolving self-sabotaging patterns keeping you and your business small or going nowhere
  • Clearing and letting go of emotional baggage keeping you struggling, stuck and playing small
  • Conflict resolution with a partner, colleague, family and/or friends
  • Feeling lost, unhappy and stuck, questioning your business, career, or relationship
  • Low self-esteem/self-worth and insecurity issues
  • Recovering from burn out and/or loss (of a person, a business, a project, a relationship)
  • Starting or growing a business and dissolving fears, emotional baggage and mindset crap that will get in the way of succeeding and reaching your dreams and goals
  • Brainstorming new business ideas, products, packages and collaborations
  • Deciding to stay or leave a job, business, project, city/town or even a relationship
  • Stale/stagnant relationships – if it’s not thriving/exciting/passionate then need something to change
  • Stuck in a rut in life, business, in a job or relationship (or all of them) and wanting to find inspiration, excitement, love and passion again
  • Developing your intuition

Rach certainly doesn’t want to be working with you for years; she aims for breakthroughs and empowerment, sending you on your way with tools you can use by yourself.  If things change and you have a different transition to make, then you can work together again to get you back on your way quickly, but years together?  She prefers not, dependency doesn’t work for her so if you want to be empowered and skilled up to create your own thriving life, business and relationship (because you can have it all!), she’s your gal.

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