You’ve got big ideas and even BIGGER dreams and almost zero confidence that you can actually pull this s#!t off.  

If people have described you as “a dreamer,” with “your head in the clouds” and your “pie in the sky” ideas, then you and I are from the same tribe! Which is a pretty awesome tribe, I might add but the problem we tend to run into is self-doubt and the fear that all your big goals really are just “pipe dreams.”

Before you call up your uncle to see if he still wants you to take over his taxidermy business, listen up! (I have a secret for you) Every single successful person has been there, including yours truly. Your dreams are the keys to your purpose and I can help you unlock it.

I’m Therese Tucker and my passion is helping people achieve their dreams by showing them how to activate their Personal Power.

Experience has been my greatest teacher, especially when it comes to confidence. From my 20+ years of experience as an actor (do you know how many auditions that is!??!) teaching me resilience, to over 10 years working to support my acting as a make-up artist dealing with not only the insecurity of some my clients but that industry in general.

I KNOW what makes someone beautiful, strong and confident. As a psychic channel/ medium I have over 13 years of experience helping people intuitively to move into a space of self-awareness and confidence by tuning into their energy field, finding their blocks and redirecting their energy. I have also worked with some incredible teachers including Lynn Singer (Breaking Into Brilliance); Dr. Albina Tamalonis (Experiencing the Ripple Effect); and Summer McStravick (Flowdreaming).

I work with you to stop settling for less than what you really, REALLY want. Together we find out what limiting beliefs are holding you back and we breakthrough those self-created blocks. You want better, and baby, you deserve it, but you can’t just sit there and hope for it. You have to take inspired (read: aligned and connected) action.  If you are ready to put in the work, (it doesn’t have to be a four letter word, you know) then you are ready to activate your Personal Power!

Do you feel like your own intuitive gifts have awakened inside you?  Many people are feeling this energetic upgrade on a cellular level and suspect they are more intuitive than they have given themselves credit for.  But, they are not sure how to make the most of their intuitive gifts.  That’s why I have opened School 4 Spirit to help you go from Awakened to Activated.  


Fun Facts about Therese:

  • I have been studying metaphysics since the age of 16 when I first got into A Course in Miracles, and the teachings of one of my all-time favorite teachers, Marianne Williamson.
  • I am an intuitive psychic channel, much like Ester Hicks (Abraham-Hicks). Currently my channeling work with my team in Spirit is bringing forth a book that I am co-writing with Rach Wilson.
  • I am also a visual artist. I use my intuitive abilities to channel paintings, as well as making pieces that resonate with female empowerment. Check out my work here.
  • I received my BFA in Acting with an emphasis on performing arts, which means I am a triple threat (actor/singer/dancer); however I did not go after the traditional Broadway dream. My passion lies with Shakespeare.
  • I studied opera (which helped me learn a little Italian) in high school and college. I didn’t pursue it because at the time I lacked the self-confidence in my voice. Singing has always made me feel incredibly vulnerable. One of my life goals is to really get over my fear of singing in public (the irony here is I’ve already sung on stage SEVERAL times in my life, yet it still makes me nervous as hell) I want to know what it feels like to feel totally free vocally on stage. I’m going to get this, just watch!
  • I’m a mom of two kids under the age of seven. My little girl is taking after her mommy in many ways. She has been a fabulous teacher in what true self love looks like. I remember when she was able to crawl she found the nearest mirror and planted a big kiss on herself, and I thought “this kid has it totally figured out.” My son is a bundle of love who’s smile is so infectious that he manages to get admirers everywhere he goes, and uses it to his advantage to get himself out of trouble.

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