We’re really just 2 gals who happened to connect and really like each other, being able to see the gifts and massive awesomeness in the other and allowing both a friendship and working relationship to blossom.

And seriously, who wants to do this entrepreneurial caper entirely on their own?!?

We are both focused on personal power, emotion mastery, intuition and spiritual development with slightly different skill sets!

Rach has hard core coaching and transformation skills using multiple modalities she’s thrown herself into mastering for over a decade, as well as doing this entrepreneurial gig for that long – the hardest and longest road to her own success she says BUT that was her apprenticeship in becoming an “Integrated Entrepreneur” using all 4 intelligences including intuition to succeed with ease and grace!

Therese has mad psychic/intuitive skills and naturally coaches from her plethora of life experiences in acting (way cool and intense stuff there alone), embracing and coming out as a psychic, being a Mom and also doing this entrepreneurial thing.

We both continue to develop our coaching and psychic skills by working with each other as well as with our amazing team in spirit.

Click on our names above or images below to read more about who we are and what awesome skills and experience we both have!
Therese Tucker

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