Because we can and because the word “ladyballs” made us giggle, as well as feel powerful and strong at the same time, so why not?

This has definitely triggered some gender equality stuff in some women though, and that’s not the intention, plus this “stuff” is just getting in the way of the authentic message.

Men have testicles, also known as balls.  This is true.

Women have ovaries, which are technically the equivalent of testicles, just as testicles in men are the equivalent of ovaries in women.  Neither is better than the other, but technically if testicles are balls, then ovaries are balls too, plus they are the same shape!  Coincidence?  I think not!  Ovaries just don’t have a cute, mainstream nickname…

“Having balls” is translated (in general) as having courage, strength and determination…

This is also true, and it doesn’t actually have to have any gender assigned to it.  People don’t say “having male balls”…  So, the mind read for some people is that it does.  Well… in our world, it doesn’t.

In our world, ovaries are LADYBALLS!

When we talk about getting ladyballs, we are talking about stepping into our own courage, strength, determination which is all personal power!

Woman with Ladyballs“Balls”, whether we like it or not has become a word with inherent strength, courage and determination and we have only specified “lady” so that we are specifically referring to the feminine version (because we are women, we’re not trying to be men) and besides, using “ovaries” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, lol.

If we were trying to say “let’s get balls like men” then we’d have to say “get testicles”.  Granted there are people out there that say “grow a pair of testicles” or just “grow a pair” for short, and that is usually directed at men but the message is the same.

Honestly, this is not a gender comparison or equality thing and we’re not trying to prove something to men either… It’s all about finding the space of your own power where you don’t doubt yourself, where you don’t worry about judgment and you just do what your heart and soul yearn for you to do in this life. 

If you have a real issue with it or a big sensitivity to anything that could be somehow related to men or perceived comparison/equality, then you probably aren’t aligned with us, and that’s ok 🙂

Sooooo ladyballs is our word!

We like it, it holds it’s own power and meaning for us and we’re going to keep using it, and if you want to connect with your own personal power, know that we will refer to it as “ladyballs” for short!

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