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Or, otherwise known as your “Higher Self”, “Intuition”, “All that is”, “Source” or “universal consciousness”.

It all comes under the same bubble, no matter what you like to call it. You are able to access this guidance just as much as anyone can, and you don’t need to be meditating for hours each day!

I don’t!

To try & prevent you getting stuck in the trap that a lot of “experts” and “gurus” tell you, my business partner and I teach these methods to our clients. Not because it won’t work for everyone and not a good strategy, but because not every strategy is perfectly aligned with each persons innate strength & abilities.

However, I disagree…

So, your “higher self” has some wonderful inspired ideas, solutions, what strategies are going to work, what kind of programs or products you are able to create and how to go about it – then there is the fun of the marketing all of your hard work to get your biz out there helping people just the way that you have always wanted to help them.

How do I know this? Experience!

I had spent years, yes years, spinning my wheels with my business not really making much progress in the direction i needed. I was doing everything that the “experts” had told me to do – it was hard, REALLY hard! Not only was it hard but also defeating, i burned out multiple times which in turn made everything slow right down and felt counterproductive.

Don’t do that! Not recommended

Here is what you need to know…

When you are listening to all of the chatter inside of your head, this includes your to-do lists, your own judgements of yourself – as well as those judgements that others may have of you, even your own voice “you don’t deserve this” “You aren’t good enough”, “You don’t know enough” “I will never succeed” or “it’s too hard!”.

Now this is the time that you should take a big roll of duct tape and block out all of that nonsense, because it is all lies! LIES i tell you!!

How do you do this? Take some time out of your days in contemplation. This is when you can directly connect to the genius and you are able to ask or even just listen for the inspired ideas, the actions that you will need to take. Getting different perspectives on these can be the game changer for you and your business.

Now, I’m not saying to make this connection that you will have to don the monk robe or yoga attire while sitting in the lotus pose ready for the wisdom to jump at you like a bolt of lightening…unless that is your thing then feel free to go right ahead with that!

This is more about creating the space, focusing on the mental aspect where most of the chaos harbours. But also creating space within your body which means you will need to slow down a tad, the easiest way to do this is to do the following.

  • Consciously tell your mind to slow…down…Take all of your awareness to your breathing and slow it down, breathe deeper with every breath in, and with every breath out, consciously relax your body even further. Do that for a few minutes to really let go of all of your busyness. The bonus to this part is that it lowers the fight or flight hormones in your body that build up, drain you and lead to burn out… I love a good two for one!


  • Consciously call in and connect to your genius, call it by whatever name you feel most comfortable with. I like to call in my team but I have to remember that them and I aren’t actually different, we are all one and all Source etc, they remind me often.
  • Write a question down that you want to get answers or solutions for. This can make the session really focused. Use what or how questions because they are the most productive, asking something like why is this happening to me or why isn’t this working will give you answers but probably not make you feel good or get you anywhere. You can ask what would be the best and most effective way to market <product/program> or how can I increase my income this month?
  • OR just have a blank pad and your pen at the ready for new ideas which you can instigate by asking what solution can I create that would be a game-changer for my ideal clients and see what comes to you.
  • Let the answers come to you…If you are sitting there looking at the time and thinking how you should be doing something more productive then you aren’t in open and receptive mode and you really will be wasting your time. Be playful with it, let it be a nice break and creative space to just BE.


This is how Source4Shift® toolkit was created, it is how i developed my business incubator mastermind and other various products that are up and some great ones that are still to come.

WARNING: You may end up with more ideas than you anticipated – so write them down and get them out of your head (make room for more great inspiration!) and then you can come back to them when the energy & inspiration feels right!

When you do these sessions, you will notice how energised you’ll feel, your mind & body will also be singing you praises too because “work” will no longer feel like work, you are able to ind the quickest solution to any problems, you aren’t being sapped of energy – constantly and the results will WOW your clients…and probably you too!


The more that you do these sessions, the faster you will reap the benefits!


How often should you do these?

 At the very least – each day that you are at “work”. Every time that you find yourself stuck or struggling to get something done – this is a great time to make the connection to find your creative solutions and ideas.

 It really can be as simple as calling an old friend or while you are reading a good book – you need to follow this thread that it leads you to because it is leading you to the inspiration.

 Now I’m challenging you…

In your next work day, I want you to create an hour of space for contemplation. To sit with your inner genius/universal consciousness/higher-self and be able to discover how you can co-create the amazing business that you have been striving for! Feel free to let me know what happens!



Rach helps entrepreneurs master their mind-set and engage business energetics to build a Universe-assisted business that is soul connected and intuitively guided so it takes less effort and time to succeed!  

A Master Mind-set Coach, Business Mentor, and Spiritual Guide all in one, her approach is unique and extremely powerful because it blends energy and strategy to achieve results easier.

Together with her business partner Therese, who is a Psychic Medium, Channel and Intuitive Artist, they have created their Success Circle Membership where you can receive coaching and psychic guidance for a fraction of the cost of private sessions with either of them, to help you build your thriving business with epic and divine, ease and grace.

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