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“The best way to predict the future is create it.”

I came across this quote on Instagram this morning and it really struck a cord with me.  As an intuitive and psychic channel I have many clients seek me out to receive confirmation and reassurance about their future.

“Is this business going to work out?”  “Will I make the money I need?” “Is he the one?”

The fear here is that it has already been decided by The Powers That Be how all this is going to go down and we are just along for the ride, helplessly watching how it all unfolds.

I have reassuring news for you – this is not the case.

We are all creators.  It is our birthright, and how we are made in the image of the Great Creator.

In other words, you get to chose!

The question then becomes “will you do what it takes to get the future you desire?”

Now, for some there may be relief and for others you may be experiencing the truth setting you free, but first pissing you off.  Fair enough.  Sometimes I feel that way too.

It can be a tough row to hoe, as they say, to accept the fact that the situation you’re wishing so hard to get out of you created for yourself.  Especially when you feel like you created a little pit for yourself (be it a money pit, a career pit, a relationship to others or yourself pit).

I’d like to give you a few tips on how I personally work on drawing in the future I wish to create:

  • Feel it to heal it:  Feel into the situation as it is now.  Be willing to stare into the mirror of truth and feel what comes up.  If you look around and you notice that you have been making life decisions from a place of lack, own up to it and feel it.  Feeling it is not the same as wallowing in it.  Feeling it means that you are not denying the feelings of lack.  You are looking at them and forgiving yourself for making decisions from that place.  You didn’t know any better then, now you do.
  • Shift the mind and the rest will follow:  This means starting with the idea that I created some shit.  Shift the mind and ask it to notice how POWERFUL a creator you are, DESPITE what was created.  When you get into the place of noticing HOW GOOD you are at creating, rather than what you created, you will empower yourself to use your creative powers for good.
  • Start at the end and go backward:  Think about where it is you want to be with your future, then reverse engineer how you got there.  If it means a successful business that has thousands of followers you look at the step right before that, which would be marketing, and before that product creation, and before that identifying your ideal client and so on.
  •  Get as specific as possible. You already do this, btw.  Think about something you are worrying about (not too long, just for the sake of noticing).  Did you notice a specific image came up and feelings followed right behind it?  WE ARE GOOD AT BEING SPECIFIC!  Again, another natural talent that I often see being misused. Time to get specific about what you want the future to be.  Do you want a fabulous relationship?  In what ways is it fabulous?  Spend time in there creating scenarios adding details until strong feelings emerge.  Notice what caused the feelings to spring up?  What it a detail about the smell of his skin?  His arms holding you?  The smile on his face?  A date you went on?  If you can identify what tipped you into an emotional feeling you can use this trigger with creating other feeling states for situations you want to create.

Once you’ve moved into your sense of ownership around being a powerful creator you can halt the current train of thought, or “train of creation” as I call it, and reroute it to a more favorable destination.  Don’t be discouraged if while shifting your thoughts to change your creations you don’t see immediate change.  Just like a train that was going full steam down the tracks, it takes time for it to come to a halt.

Your old thoughts and creations had momentum and it will play out for a bit.  Consistency is key, so keep focused on what you are desiring to create and watch your future unfold as you desired.

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