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Could You Be Lying To Yourself?

Have you heard of Impostor Syndrome? (If you caught my last Facebook live then I know you have!  Want to watch it and get a free card reading? Click here )

Impostor Syndrome is a condition that triggers people to believe they are unworthy.

It minimizes any achievements in the mind of the sufferer and deludes them info feeling like a fraud.

Here’s the thing – impostor syndrome doesn’t just down play success, it can also keep you from knowing your own intuitive gifts.

Let’s take a quick quiz (because I love quizzes)!  Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following questions:

  1. Do you wish you were psychic?
  2. Do you receive synchronicities, and even if you are excited about it in the moment, you dismiss them as being wishful thinking?
  3. Do you feel like your moments of intuition are few and far between?
  4. Do you want to be clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant but you don’t think it’s possible?
  5. Do you wish you could channel or talk to spirit but are pretty sure that won’t happen?
  6. Have you had miracles (big or small such as finding a new home right at the last moment, getting unexpected money when you were “nudged” to clean out your mail pile, or win a raffle, or something told you to take a different route home to find out that there was a huge accident on the usual route, etc.) but dismiss them as happenstance?
If you answered yes to 3 or more, you my friend, are suffered from Psychic Impostor Syndrome.  I feel for you because I’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt.  Let me tell you something about yourself that comes straight from my heart:

You are NOT a fraud, you are not delusional in thinking you have an amazing connection to the Universe.  You do.  You are so much more than you give yourself credit to be.  Let that be your biggest takeaway from reading this blog.


Now that we have identified what’s holding up the magic in your life, here are some ways to get out of Impostor Syndrome and into your psychic power:


Here’s the deal: only those who are awake and aware of their own abilities will be able to validate yours.  Your tribe is your soul family, the beings who are the closest match to your own vibration.  They will be able to mirror you back to you most accurately.  So, find your tribe, love them hard and ask for their loving assistance.


That’s right, put those gifts out there and freely share them with others!  Love crystals?  Teach someone how YOU use them.  A big fan of Tarot or Oracle cards?  Offer to give a reading to a friend.  When we come from a place of sharing or giving to others we raise our vibration, which in turn raises our confidence, which then strengthens our abilities.


Every time you get confirmation from the Universe, say thank you.  Even better, WRITE IT DOWN.  (Ahem. there is a big ass compliment for you in the text above… that counts, just so ya know.)  Every 11:11 you see, every butterfly, every kind smile is the Universe talking to you.  When we express gratitude for even the most minute detail of life we raise our frequency and expand our awareness to see more.  When our consciousness expands we can finally see what magic we’ve been denying ourselves.


If you want proof of just how magical you are, you need to practice.  It really is that simple, and yet I see people struggle with this step.  There is an old paradigm belief out there that if you were psychic you’d just be that way.  This is soooo not the case and maybe only true for 2% of the population.  How many professional athletes where just born that way?  Even Michael Jordan, arguably one of the best basketball players in history, practiced tirelessly to be the best.  You may not desire to be the best psychic in the world, but if you want to know your own intuitive gifts you are going to need to strengthen them with practice.
This is the very reason I created School 4 Spirit!  It is a psychic playground – a fun, safe, and trusted way to practice and improve your natural intuitive gifts.  
September 28th, 2017 kicks off the next Module of School 4 Spirit – The Clairs (psychic perception).  To join the next class click here.
In short, the best way to move out of Impostor Syndrome is to chose to believe in yourself and decide that that belief is strong enough to create your reality.
Are you ready to meet your psychic tribe?  Join School 4 Spirit the psychic playground that helps you go from Awakened to Activated.  Click here to join us:  Join School 4 Spirit

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