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“You are either a creator or a slave to creation.  You choose.”  – Therese Tucker

Many people require “proof” from the Universe.   “Show me,” they say, “that what I am asking for is going to be physically created.”  They want a guarantee from the Universe, that their creation is real.   In truth, they are not asking The Universe or Source, or God for proof at all – they are asking the External World.

Some people want physical evidence that what they are about to put their hopes, dreams, and belief in is real.  Once they have this physical proof they will then allow themselves to trust the process and believe.  Effectively they’re saying “show me that what I want is possible and probable and then I’ll believe.  If I get my proof then I’ll put time and energy into taking steps towards it…”

I’m here to say that this is a form of insanity!

That’s right, if you are asking for physical proof – the money to show up, the house, the job, the mate, BEFORE YOU TRUST AND BELIEVE then you, my friend, are suffering from insanity.  But before you click the “fuck off” button, hear me out.

The External World, where physical proof lives, is simply a mirror for us, nothing more.

It reflects back to us who we are and what we are creating in the moment, and what we’ve created up to now.  The External World cannot create, it only reflects back what is created. (There is another level to this when we add other people, but for the sake of personal creation we will concentrate on this model.)

Proof of the past is reflected back.Imagine me standing at my mirror saying to it “show me ‘me’ 30 pounds lighter.”  You know what I’m going to get, right?  Me, as I am right now with that extra 30 pounds to love.  It’s understood that in order to see what I’m asking for I need to take all the steps it takes to lose 30 pounds for the mirror to reflect that back to me.  This makes sense.  It’s practical.  For me to stand there insisting the mirror show me anything different is nuts!

And yet, time and again we refuse to commit fully to our desires, to really believe that we can have what we want, fully trusting that what we are making is real.  Not until we get that external proof.   By doing this we have created conditional manifesting, limiting our own potential to create an amazing life.

So, if you are here, standing in front of that mirror we call the External World, willing it to show you proof of something you haven’t made yet, then for the love of Unicorns – STOP THE INSANITY!

Here are some steps you should take right now:

  1. Decide you are a creator. You cannot create what you want in life if your deepest believe is that you are at the whim of something creating for you.  You are either a creator or a slave to creation.  You choose.
  2. Decide what you are making. What do you want in your life? Do you want a certain amount of money each month?  Do you want a certain level of  health?  Do you want an amazing relationship?  Decide right now that you are making it. Deciding is deceptively simple, yet so powerful that many people shy away from it.
  3. Believe in your creations. Belief works like building blocks; it adds molecules of energy to what you are creating.  Every time you engage in belief, you are adding another block.  With enough belief you cannot help but manifest what you want into your External World.   So, start believing!
  4. Trust the process. A watched pot never boils, right?  Why stand around second-guessing if your manifesting is working?  If you constantly doubt what you are creating then you are not doing step 3 (see above), and therefore it will take longer for it to manifest into your External World.  When we give our creations Trust we are anchoring them into our Being and planting them into our reality.

And a final note on insanity.  The very definition of insanity is “repeating the same behavior and expecting different results.”  If you notice that all your manifesting seems to be conditional – requiring external proof -then you are repeating a behavior that’s not working.

It may feel scary to throw out the proof/doubt formula.  You may be saying to yourself, “I feel insane for leaving my need for proof behind.”


But, it’s actually insane not to.

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