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Are you living a former version of yourself?

2016 has been my year of “bringing sexy back,” so a big part of my focus is getting my health in tip top shape. I’ve covered all the bases from keeping health appointments, regular exercise, eating well, water, and vitamins, to keeping regular salon appointments and other treatments that help me feel good and pampered too. On paper, I should be at 70% more sexy by now. And yet – I wasn’t seeing the results all my efforts promised.

Did you catch that? I said I wasn’t SEEING IT. Why? Because I kept identifying as a former version of myself.

This truth bomb hit me while chatting with some girlfriends about food. Specifically good food. More specifically food that does your body good. In my effort to bring my sexy back I have become an avid reader of living well. Fuck diets, they don’t work and we all know that so, I don’t bat an eyelash at trends anymore. My big turn-on is healthy systems of living that will keep me healthy and feeling young for years to come. (Because who doesn’t want that!?!)

During our chat I had mentioned that I had been employing many of the healthy systems I’ve been learning, confirming that eating more alkaline has really helped with some chronic issues I had with my digestive health. In fact, I hadn’t had an episode in a while – I had to stop and think about the last time I had been taken out by stomach troubles. And then, BOOM it hit me – I haven’t had any in months, ever since I set my intention and made changes, those episodes have clearly vanished. This whole time I had achieved a major health milestone for me and wasn’t even recognizing it.

I realized that I hadn’t even stopped to recognize my current state, instead I just kept on identifying with an old version of myself.

Upon deeper inspection I found that there are many, many areas where I had been identifying with a default version of me that wasn’t up to code. And that identity had absolutely nothing to do with present me. Present me has been making some fucking awesome choices, experiencing amazing results, and here I was walking around telling my former story over and over in my head. I had measuring sticks in my mind of what achievement would look like and seemed to be ignoring anything that didn’t match that, which in turn was causing me to be blind to my new point of reference.

When we keep identifying with an old version of ourselves it keeps us trapped in a vicious circle of emotion, which then causes us to repeat the behaviors of our former self.

If you, like me, are trying to implement new, healthier behaviors but keep identifying with the version of you who “doesn’t always make healthy choices” what the hell do you think is going to happen? Yep, you’ll eventually abandon your new efforts in favor of the old behaviors you still ‘claim’ to have –

because what we identify with is what we ‘claim’ to be.

This is true not just for getting healthier, but for ALL areas of life. In order to feel our achievement and successes we have to acknowledge them. If you are waiting for the outside world to acknowledge them, you are going to stall out your ability to manifest what you want right now.

So, how do you do it? Try these tried and true tips:


1.) Check yourself. Do you have a particular measuring system in your head, like “when I achieve _______ I will experience _____?” Notice if you are limiting yourself to just “that.” It’s great to have a goal, but if you get tunnel vision around it you could be missing important markers of your success that have already materialized. Instead, employ a ‘this and…’ Mindset.
Ex. “When I become healthier I will have more energy, feel more youthful, look damn good AND more benefits that I haven’t even imagined yet.”

2.) Do your gratitude practice. Be thankful for your family, your health, love, shelter, food and keep going. Get even more specific. I promise that when you do you will have a lightbulb moment. When you get really specific about what you are thankful for in this present moment, you will find something new you created that perhaps you hadn’t given proper attention to. Once you recognize it…

3.) Write it down! Creating reminders of our new achievements is crucial to cementing new behaviors in place. Think about it – written reminders helps you stay consciously aware. As you remember that yes, you indeed have changed, you will continue your new behaviors because you’ve recognized that you have made an achievement. At the end of the day we all want ‘the cookie,’ (You did a great job reading up to this point! See? That ‘cookie’ felt good, right?) by writing down your achievements, no matter how small, you will get a feeling of accomplishment every time you are reminded of them.

4.) Spend time with the people who recognize their own value as well as yours. We naturally mimic other people, and the people you hang out with the most is who you will end up mimicking. People who don’t value themselves make poor choices, plain and simple. So, make it a point to surround yourself with those who consider your value as well as their own. This is exactly the reason we have created our VIP Experience, because we know that when you bring like-minded, awesome people together it affects you on a DNA level. If you want to learn more about it, click here.

So, how do you know if you are not “seeing” yourself as you are now? Simple. Check in with how you feel about yourself right now. We are conditioned to be unnecessarily hard on ourselves.

In this day and age of self-improvement and social media it can be really easy to get trapped in a self-created net of not good enough.

When we are not appreciating ourselves or taking stock in our present, we can lapse into feelings of doubt, uncertainty, ambivalence, anxiety and depression.

If you take the time to acknowledge yourself, see your value and what you have working for you right now you gain feelings of energy, excitement, confidence and a much deserved sense of self-worth.
And, if you catch yourself identifying with a former version of you, simply thank that version and let it go. I can guarantee you that you are more lovable that you were yesterday – there is a day more of you to love! You were more amazing that you were last year – look how far you’ve come! You are more capable, wiser, and compassionate too. So, take a look and “see” yourself for who you really are.

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