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If you are waiting to receive your intuitive abilities before you believe in them, you got it backwards, babe.

The title of this blog pretty much spells it out for you.  Believe it to receive it.  It’s that simple, and yet, so many people are in a place of fear around trusting in faith first.  That’s what belief is – trusting so deeply in your faith that you literally bring forward it’s physical manifestation.

If you follow our work, then you know there is a power in manifesting.

Let’s breakdown the components of manifesting a little more so we can see what we are dealing with:

  • Intention: deciding what it is we want to create
  • Alignment: becoming a match in frequency to that which we want
  • Allowing: letting our creations come into our life when Divine Timing flows it to us

Now, let’s look at the Universe as a model of this:

God, All That Is, Source, The Universe, etc. wished to know and experience itself in more depth (intention) so it created more of itself to experience (alignment) which in turn created more expressions of itself, replicating over and over in a never-ending fractal.  There is always more to be known (allowing).

Not once in this process did The Universe question it’s ability to create.  Now, maybe you read that statement and thought, “Duh, it’s the UNIVERSE.”  But, you are a part of the story that is written above – you are the “more” that The Universe itself created to experience.  Meaning you are all that the mighty Universe is.

You have all the power of the Universe flowing through you at all times whether you believe it or not.


Look it up, yo’  (seriously, look at this)

So, let’s go back to my first statement:  “You have to believe it to receive it.”

You are so powerful that your belief that you are NOT powerful can deny you your own power.  


That is some serious power we wield.

In other words, if you are not receiving that with you are asking for (like powerful intuitive skills) it’s because it’s YOU that is denying it.  You are both calling forward and simultaneously pushing away.

That totally sucks, but hey – with awareness comes the power to make a new choice.

Now you know.

You gotta believe it.  You are powerful.  Accept these facts and keep your arms open.

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