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From Crisis to Cruisin’

Transform Struggle and Strain into Ease and Grace!

Book Cover 2 400Everyone struggles at some point in their lives; whether it’s during the entrepreneurial journey to success, trying to get to the top of the ladder in a career, with relationships and love both in finding it and keeping it, with health and even in knowing one’s purpose and spiritual path.

The core of all of these struggles is the same which means the tools and techniques to turning things around in any area is also the same (that’s the good news)!  The perceived “bad news” is that there are no magic pill in this book (or any other), that will turn your issues and circumstances into cupcakes, rainbows and unicorns.  So everything I teach and share with you is still going to take a commitment to your transformation with some work on your part.

Will it be fun?  Some of it, YES!

Will it be easy?  Well the processes are simple to do. Will it feel easy?  Sometimes, not so much.

Will it be challenging?  At times, yes but like the whole coal to diamonds journey, transformation can feel uncomfortable and occasionally painful as you go through to the other side of being more whole, empowered and with less blocks, patterns and crap keeping you small, stuck or going around in circles.

This book is educational so you can understand the fundamentals of how and why you are where you’re at, but also how to change it.  It includes transformational processes and exercises you can go though in your own time and space if you dare to give them a go.

Right now this life changing book is being written and a publisher being sought, to help it become a reality faster, please register your interest below and get involved in the creation of this book for you and others like you!

I will be releasing some sample chapters, creating a group and courses, plus bringing in other resources to help as many people make massive transformations in their life circumstances as I possibly can.

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