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& Momentum?

Attention Entrepreneurs & Network Marketers who struggle with procrastination, overwhelm and productivity!

The first quarter of 2018 is nearly done…

Has it been as productive as you planned or have you been procrastinating?

Are you hitting your goals or feeling stuck and overwhelmed?

3 months in and are you still chasing your tail and getting nowhere fast?

If you are serious about making the next 3 quarters of the year count then maybe it’s time to look at how you can ramp up your productivity, engage some help from the Universe and get organised!


Join The Business Mastery & Magic Productivity Mastermind!

This is a small exclusive group that works together every week (Friday from 9:30am – 12 noon), where we work on mindset, energy AND strategy together so we can be highly productive, maximise every sales promotion period, manifest and attract in more ideal clients and opportunities, and grow our businesses with ease and grace.

Every week we:

1.  PROGRAM our minds for easier success
2.  PLAN the next week so we hit the ground running on Monday, no more wasted time!
3.  WORK with our business and business Team in energy to enhance Universal support and manifesting magic
4.  DESIGN our yearly marketing calendar so we are making the most of all peak sales opportunities AND planned promotional periods
5.  TRACK the money to make better business decisions
6.  MASTERMIND with each other, sharing resources and ideas to grow each others businesses (marketing, branding, products, programs, collaboration opportunities)

“This productivity group has been amazing helpful for staying on track with “no excuses” time to contemplate, integrate, and implement my business strategy. I love that we always start the sessions with getting into alignment with our business’s energy first. That way the work we do moves us forward productively instead of running in circles doing busy work which gets us nowhere. To top it off it’s also an amazing mastermind session, and each time we leave with new “aha” moments and ideas we can implement for the next week. The first quarter of 2018 has been my strongest first quarter to date, and I know being a part of this productivity group is a big reason why.” – Therese Tucker

“I am loving the business mastery group as it is a weekly accountability call and really helps me focus on my goals and objectives for the week that all tie back to my overall goals and objectives for the year. I love listening to Rach’s guided meditation at the beginning and end of the session which helps me to find clarity and focus. The support I have obtained from Rach and the entire group has been extremely positive and given me confidence to implements ideas I have has for several years but which I have until now not found the time or focus to implement them. I really look forward to our weekly session!” – Kathryn Beacroft


My business coaches and colleagues say this highly successful Productivity Mastermind should be at least $997 per month!

If you were to work with me personally, I’m $500 per hour and you’ll be working with me for 2.5 hours EVERY WEEK.

I have only 4 spots free and am looking for the right match.

But because I want this to be more accessible to those that really need it

It’s only $444 per month, for 6 months.

There is an application process before you can be accepted into the groups, so only apply if:

  • You can commit to showing up fully every Friday between 9:30am and 12 noon Sydney time (emergencies and special occasions acceptable)
  • You truly want to succeed and gain massive momentum this year
  • You are committed to following through and catching up if you miss a session
  • You are willing to be completely honest with yourself and us so we can work as a Team to assist and support you
  • You are willing to share and assist others in our group

If this sounds like you and you want full support, guidance and kickass productivity strategies, book a 15 minute chat with me.

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