What Kind of Failure Are You?

How many times have you had this thought: “I’ll be A when I get B.” Yeah… I know that one well. Here are some personal examples from my own brain: “I’ll be a great artist when I have my own [...]


The Quick Life Review Process

Here is everything you’ll need to do a Quick Life Review Process:   And important part of success is Tracking.   The idea is a simple one – figure out where you are going by [...]


Are You Making Life Even Harder Than It Needs To Be?

I do a lot of work around beliefs with people because we know that our beliefs determine our perception and therefore our experience of life, love, success and abundance or lack thereof.  If you [...]


Believe it to Receive it

If you are waiting to receive your intuitive abilities before you believe in them, you got it backwards, babe. The title of this blog pretty much spells it out for you.  Believe it to receive it. [...]


The End of Psychic Readings

(Ok, that title was a bit dramatic, perhaps not the end of psychic readings…  I’m not sure we will ever stop seeking each other for validation and council.  I wouldn’t want that [...]


Are You a Psychic Impostor?

Could You Be Lying To Yourself? Have you heard of Impostor Syndrome? (If you caught my last Facebook live then I know you have!  Want to watch it and get a free card reading? Click here ) [...]


Are You Looking for Proof?

“You are either a creator or a slave to creation.  You choose.”  – Therese Tucker Many people require “proof” from the Universe.   “Show me,” they say, [...]


How to Work Out Your Purpose!

“What’s your purpose?” Argh, such a loaded question, isn’t it?  This article may or may not help you but it’s part of my purpose to give it a damn good shot at helping you work it out! Lol. What [...]


The Hidden Saboteur to Your Manifesting Efforts!

Are you “putting it out to the Universe” and not getting back what you think you’re putting out there?  You repeat all the mantras and affirmations for wealth, love or health and you think you’re [...]


3 Ways to Bust Out of Procrastination!

Let’s be honest, procrastination is a bitch and a huge time waster when you’re trying to get to your goal faster!  When you “should” be taking action or doing certain [...]

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