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Building a business in today’s world has many options and benefits due to the Internet. Which also opens up the many pathways in which we can reach out to our potential clients and in turn for them to navigate their way to us.

This can also be the stumbling block for many business owners because it can be a very complex process – setting up your business on the digital front. It can be quite overwhelming and confusing, at times it is often paralyzing to new entrepreneurs.

When entrepreneurs are keen to make their business profitable as of yesterday, this can lead to not using the most suitable strategy resulting in wasted time and money.

So, before you start on this journey it is essential that you narrow down the BEST and the RIGHT strategies that will work for you and your business enabling it to flow easily.

To begin with, forget what the “experts” have told you about which strategy is the best. This is because what worked for them, won’t necessarily work the same for everyone.

There are two reasons for this;

  1. Not every strategy is aligned with your entrepreneurial blueprint – how you innately work
  2. They don’t do the one thing that every teacher, mentor, guide, expert should do – prompt you to check in with your intuition to see if it is right for you and your business

You will know when strategies aren’t working, as they should and when they don’t align with you, it happens when you find it is a real struggle to implement them and see the flow. This is when it really feels like HARD work from the get go.

So, this is how I get my clients to approach this;

  1. Write down what you find easy to do.Writing? Talking?  Are you creative and can make images/memes really easily?  Does blogging or article writing feel good?  Do you like recording or speaking live?  Just audio or do you enjoy doing video?  Do you find it easier to speak on your own or with someone?

I like writing and I love doing interviews or being on a podcast (audio and/or video) when I have someone to bounce off but feel stuck or struggle when it’s just me talking to myself (so Facebook lives are not my go to).  This means I’m naturally aligned with blogging, book writing, articles, webinars, podcasting or video with a partner or interactive clients.

My business partner, Therese, in Spirit4Success is a creative and loves to do images, so she does a lot of our meme’s and Instagram.  Work out what your strengths and innate abilities are and narrow down the options that way. Doing this will make it so much easier and fun when you go to do them!

  1. Think about what medium is going to suit your business the most. This may not be an issue for most businesses but it’s worth considering what will be the most powerful.  Is it the written word, audio or visual?   Can you do a mixture or all of them?  If it matters, let this narrow it down.
  2. “Tune in” with your intuition to feel which one is the easiest one to start with. Notice which option has the highest amount of energy.  You’ll know when you feel it because it’s the one you are looking forward to doing the most.  Start there!  Once you get that one going (which means in a routine of doing them regularly and connected to a lead magnet you have set up), and then start on the next one.  Don’t try to do them all at once because you’ll take longer and may fail in the overwhelm.  Do one, get it all set up and going easily, and then add in the next one!

Choosing the marketing & visibility options that feel the best for you, what you are naturally good at and ensuring that it suits your business – anything else that doesn’t align, leave it be…simple!

An option to explore if you would like to gain some more knowledge of a medium is, which offers some inexpensive courses to show you how.

Last, but not least is to make sure that you know where you are leading your audience. Visibility is great if you use it correctly – giving your audience the next step leading them in by their email address, but that will be a whole new other article!



Rach helps entrepreneurs master their mind-set and engage business energetics to build a Universe-assisted business that is soul connected and intuitively guided so it takes less effort and time to succeed!

A Master Mind-set Coach, Business Mentor, and Spiritual Guide all in one, her approach is unique and extremely powerful because it blends energy and strategy to achieve results easier.

Together with her business partner Therese, who is a Psychic Medium, Channel and Intuitive Artist, they have created their Success Circle Membership where you can receive coaching and psychic guidance for a fraction of the cost of private sessions with either of them, to help you build your thriving business with epic and divine, ease and grace.

Get your free report on “How to Double Your Income and Create a Business You Love!” here .

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