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(Ok, that title was a bit dramatic, perhaps not the end of psychic readings…  I’m not sure we will ever stop seeking each other for validation and council.  I wouldn’t want that anyway. But, hear me out…)

What I’m about to say will inevitably put me out of a job.

The time of “The Psychic” is coming to an end.

And, personally, I think that is a really good thing.

The world is shifting and changing rapidly, and with it so is human consciousness.  As a species we are more aware than ever before that we are all able to tap into that energy known as “psychic.”

So many of us have awakened to this truth.  Yet, so many are standing in that awkward place of ability without belief.

This is why we are still seeking out the abilities of others to psychically see for us, but this is old paradigm behavior.

It’s no longer in alignment with your current vibration.

If you keep seeking out others you will find that at some point your true path, and another’s suggestion will diverge, leaving you more confused than before.
Many have already experienced this confusion.  That is a sign to me that they don’t trust the good info that is coming from deep within.

Want to take a quick test to see if you have already moved into the next level of consciousness?

Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following questions:

  1. Your dreams are getting more vivid and you are able to interpret them more easily.
  2. People are drawn to you for advice.
  3. You feel clearer around the idea of “Soul Purpose.”
  4. Sudden bursts of increased creativity followed by fatigue.
  5. Sporadic sleep schedules. (Hello, if you are awake at 3 – 5 am-ish.)
  6. Extreme sensitivity; feeling over-emotional; Episodes of crying for no apparent reason or bouts of hysterical laughter for no apparent reason.

This is just a handful of symptoms that will show you how your frequency is changing.  If you answered yes to at least 3 of them you are in the new vibration.  Now, are you actively using this new vibration?

That’s why I created School 4 Spirit to give you a place to develop and practice your own psychic abilities.  The more you use it the more you trust it.

It will be the end of fortune telling and psychic readings as you know them.  You will no longer search outside of yourself for the answer.

You will have the answers and you will TRUST them.

The next Module – The Clairs – opens September 28th, 2017!  To learn more and join your tribe to unlock and accelerate the abilities that are already there, click here:  Join School 4 Spirit
  • Tim

    Awesome post Therese!!!😉😉😉
    Something I have and discovered is my own divineness. I am in the divine and the divine is in me

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