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A lot of people measure their success by how much money they are bringing in, what the scales say or having the fairytale, happily-ever-after marriage… Ahhh, no.

Using these as the proverbial “success yard stick” keeps so many people feeling like they aren’t successful but what we know is success breeds success; the more successful you feel, the quicker you manifest more success…!  Yippee!!  Sounds simple, huh 🙂

So how do you feel successful, or at least be able to see your progress, all the way along instead of riiiiiiiiiight at the end… possibly years down the track?!?

In this episode we talk about how to really measure success in an empowering way and how to tell if you are going to actually succeed in the thing you’re trying to succeed in!  Yeah, as teachers, we can tell you all of that!

Here’s to your success!!!

Video below for those who like to watch 😉

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