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It happens to every ladypreneur/entrepreneur at some point or another… You’re scrolling through Facebook or receive an email from someone in your network and they’re promoting something that is almost (or exactly) THE SAME as what you’re doing, or someone is using your branding/buzz words!!!

It’s enough to make you want to retreat from the world, defeated or want to literally kick someone’s ass into tomorrow… But not us ladies… No.  There are other ways to get back to KICKASS AWESOME!

Rach and Therese had this happen to them so what did they do about it?!?

Well they discuss it in this episode and not only do they discuss how they felt about it (yes, real and raw this episode) but they also share strategies and tips to move through it to the other side with your kickass and sparkly heels plus your reputation and integrity in tact!

CLICK HERE to go to the “Let That SH!T Go!” Spark Session we mention in the podcast.

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