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What happens to your smartphone when you are running 444 different apps and never charge it?  Yup it runs out of juice; screen blanks; nothing can get done!

Well consider this… We are energy beings!

When we start the day—if we’ve had a good night’s sleep—we are at 100%.  After that, what starts to drain the battery?  And what do you do to recharge it?

Ongoing relationships, hopes and fears, and basic life stuff are like apps running in the background, taking some of that energy. More active stuff takes more, and if you have anything intense, such as anger or worry, it takes the most.  Even positive moments sap some energy, while potentially adding a brief blast.

Join us for almost 55 min of revelations about managing your power, including:

· How (and when) to Show Up or shut up
· More about battery-powered humanity
· Things rev you up or wear you down. Hint: after this cast Rach took a nap!

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