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So many entrepreneurs are so very good at the giving….and the giving…and the giving…BUT are you actually giving so much that your business is suffering instead of booming?

Therese & Rach share personal stories about the sneaky ways you screw yourself and the mindset that is driving the over-giving what it does to your clients/students in the process.

Reigning in the giving, will enable the person receiving it to feel more able and adequate to handle what you are giving them, a better chance to absorb it all and process it.

Being in the mind-set of “I need to keep up” or “ I have to give VALUE”…wanting to stand out against the crowd can be overwhelming to both the giver & receiver.

Keeping it simple will free up the energy to “give” effectively

Ask yourself, Is all of this giving stressing you out – has it stopped feeling good for you?

Don’t confuse the roll of teacher with the roll of Master.

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