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You bet!

Listen in to discover why your soul craves challenge that sometimes hurts. (Hint: a lifetime of everything always the same would get dreary, right?)

We also talk about what keeps us (or those we teach) from breakthroughs, why resistance happens, and how to remove those blocks of overwhelm, burnout, fear of pain, or you name it to discover juicy results.

Spreading yourself too thin can weigh down any progress in what you are trying to achieve.

We grow and gain through the challenges in life, the struggle is what teaches us and gives us the incentive to go further because we realise we are capable and we can make these things happen!

Looking at it from the perspective that the pain of growth & expansion is going to be similar to that of remaining standing in the same position that you have been….which one has the better result & gets you to where you need to be?

Pushing through the pain & those limits will feel amazing – reaching the top of that mountain.

Good news: no one can fix you, heal you, or make you change in any way—only you have the power! Now, what would you like to do with it?

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