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Does everything happen for a reason or does shit just happen and we have to accept that we have no control over things?   Or are we really responsible for everything we attract?   Does believing that everything happens for a reason, even the horrible stuff, give us our power back or are we just kidding ourselves?

Rach and Therese discuss their personal views and share their top 5 tips for creating the 2016 you want in this episode!

  • Nat M

    Wow ladies! I love how the universe / my team in spirit points me to the right place at the right time. Today I was slipping into fear around my medical condition and what ability I have to change it … And wahla! Here is this extraordinary and magical podcast that helped me get out of fear, out of my head, and into my heart.

    Today you taught me that I may not have manifested the illness, but I probably manifested a message. This illness has triggered something in me to make me want to change. This has opened up a whole world of insights and enabled me to be less harsh on myself during the hard times.

    Thank you ladies ??

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