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Rach gets to chat about her sparkly new project – the magazine, and how it came about some time ago with Therese…divine timing!

Rach was feeling great about the project to begin with, but once deadlines came about things started to become a little too overwhelming. Sound Familiar?

So Rach talks us through how she was able to overcome this and keep her creative focus on track and stay inspired!

A divine plan coming together piece by piece as the team watches this inspiring project come together, that has been years in the making thanks to Therese’s PR spiritual team and creative market lighting the bulb!

Breaking old patterns and letting the project be what it is and not forcing it to grow faster then it should. Stepping back into what feels good, what feels right and what feels easy – being flexible with your timeline.

Just because it is a better choice, doesn’t necessarily mean it is an easier choice!

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