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So it’s no secret that STRESS screws with all 4 intelligences;  body intelligence, spiritual connection (being able to receive clear guidance), emotions and damnit, it screws with the libido! 

In this episode Rach and Therese dare to look more deeply at the connection between stress, spirit and sex, and how to resolve it!

Stories and solutions are shared, as always <3

In true Rach and Therese form, nothing is unapproachable or off the record so if you don’t want to hear the word “vagina” thrown around, then perhaps give this one a miss but you’d be missing out on some laughs and gold teachings if you did.

  • Rob Farquhar

    Therese, I’ve started using “I don’t know how, but everything is going to be okay” as a quiet mantra since listening to this episode! Self-trust and self-worth is one of the big things I find I need to work on, and just having that to start and end the day with (and whenever I find myself worrying) is great!

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