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Therese opens up about her recent personal experience involving her perceptions of failure in her personal happenings of life while sub-consciously comparing her life to that of a friends – little did she know that her friend was doing the exact same!

This brings back to light the importance of having that supportive team around you to sound off on. Talking about this to her friend made Therese see that she hadn’t “failed” at all.

Asking yourself the good-better questions while in the failure “funk” will help to bring you back around into the positive focus, back into positive energy.

“What else can go wrong?” NO….just No!!

“What else is possible…how does it get even better then this?” YES!!!!

“What’s my next step to get me out of this?” Even better!!

The smart questions result in inspired actions, failure does not always have to be a negative event, turn it into a stepping stone to your success!

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