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If in doubt….VAGINA!!

Wait…what the?!

Vagina eggs, otherwise known as Yoni Eggs make there way into todays podcast…curious aren’t you!!

Yoni eggs are a crystal that has been shaped into an egg then smoothed and polished to be inserted inside the vagina…yes you read right!

Concerns are raised for the “hygiene” side of things that if instructions are not followed correctly to clean and care for the crystals – and your vagina! It can lead to some serious infections!

Are you Yay or Nay?

All I want for Christmas is a whoo haa joystick!

What is on your wish list this year… naughty or nice?

The ladies end up getting lost in translation when the conversation remains hanging around the delicate V area determining the difference between Underwear & footwear with what a “thong” is known as in Australia as compared to a “thong” in the U.S

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