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The ladies try to ease us back from the vagina talk!

Balls Balls Balls…

Aranchini balls!!

Now let’s get back on track…

Today, lets get into our re-occurring issues and how we can work on them to deflect all the shit and be our own Wonder Woman.

Therese tells us about her recent gratitude moment that she had experienced with Rach, when Rach had reminded her that she HAD the tools and that she KNOWS what to do with this – keeping her centered & back into focus.

The nasty habit that we have during our personal growth journey is over-compartmentalising the knowledge that we receive.

Rach goes through the different examples of the resistance that we put up instead of implementing the knowledge and techniques that you have learnt and you do KNOW.

Source4Shift© technique is key for this resistance.

Therese reminds us of the Process of Mastery – you cannot read the book and become the Master.

Intention Practice Performance

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