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Was 2017 everything you had hoped for?

Often we can find ourselves ogling at others’ success and wanting it too…


Are you sure you want that? Really?

When we look at something and decide that we what we see, or want what we see, we need to be more specific – remember the phrase “be careful what you wish for”.

Because in that success that you see in front of you, everything that has you ogling, what you don’t see is what it took for them to get there.

What EXACTLY do you want from what you see?

Why do you want this?

Now is a good time to reflect on what did happen in 2017…what worked, what didn’t and what bits that went slightly wayward.

What clarity do you have now to focus on in 2018?

Doing the work now for 2018 is what is going to help you start strong in the New Year & beyond.

This is a great opportunity to use your wheel of why and help map out the areas that you need to work on to create a stronger foundation.

Anytime that there is something new to be learned, there is resistance. It’s the fear of the unknown, letting go of control is part of this resistance.

If you aren’t contemplating what you are asking for, you’re not really considering all that you are asking to take on.

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