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Mercury is now in retrograde until the 22nd December, and it is affecting all forms of communication and emotions are running high,  and that is affecting our perceptions on all things we use to interpret communication connections.

It’s not always easy to adapt to the seemingly never-ending upgrades of the technology that we use on all formats, we just have to roll with it.

Being more aware of the ways in that we are communicating will massively enhance your interpretation of the feedback you are getting.

Do it the old-fashioned way….PICK UP THE PHONE!

This way you can really listen to the other person(s) on the other side without the filter of misinterpreted text!

We need to acknowledge that technology is a gift as well as a curse all at the same time, because it has opened up our world in an entirely new way.

It can be very easy to forget that there is another world on the other side of the screen from which we spend most of our time these days…you know – the outside world with all that glorious sunshine & fresh air? The real world!

Balance in this new tech-fueled world is more important then we realize. Blurring the lines and becoming more introverted – even though it feels comfortable in your space is more detrimental as it leads to a breakdown in your trust of the outside world as well as the trust you have within yourself, those fears and doubts will begin to pop up more frequently.

How can you maintain your trust with the outside world and yourself?

Switch off every now & then!

Our perception is made up of both our conscious thoughts with the bulk of it coming from our sub-conscious mind.

What is your filter stopping you from experiencing?

At the moment, everyone has their filter on! Filtering is an everyday practice. Practice it daily to start seeing your patterns & recognize your triggers.

Either you direct the mind, or the mind directs you.

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