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You know how you get told there is a right way and wrong way to do something? Welllllllll, while we’d never say there is a “wrong” way to do anything, there is definitely a more successful way to do creativity where you work with it to create the most AMAZEBALLS things without burning yourself out or doing those things which make your creativity drying up completely…

Ugh, we hate it when that happens!

In this episode we talk about what the creativity energy cycle looks like, how to synchronize and work with it easily and effortlessly, and then, in true Rach and Therese form, we share the typical creativity killers PLUS our antidotes for them along with some personal stories. Yes, we give you practical awesomeness among the laughs for entertainment. Cool, huh?

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  • Rob Farquhar

    I had to laugh at your “doing creation” comment, Rach, though my mind went somewhere a little different at first: I had this image of God in sunglasses saying, “Creation? I do creation better than anybody. Hell, once I did creation in six days!”

    Good point re. distractions, although I’ll often use cleaning or yardwork as an excuse to catch up on podcasts – maybe the point is to remove the earbuds once in a while and just focus on the task.

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