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So it’s that time of year and don’t we know it!

What is Christmas supposed to mean, what it does mean and what it could mean…

Christmas can be a very stressful time of year for many of us with family interactions being some of our biggest and easiest triggers.

Expectations Vs Tradition

Our expectations around what Christmas should be can play havoc with our needing to be “being present” and dealing with our families and loved ones can be a very emotional time.

Teaching our children that Christmas is not just about the man in red, presents and food – that the importance is around the connections, giving of love, kindness and compassion. Being grateful for what you have with you and around you and sharing the joy and light to those less fortunate.

It’s OK to challenge our traditions, even though there is fear in doing so.

Why do you do that tradition?

How does it feel for you, really?


Becoming consciously aware of why we do things and who we are doing them for, will help you determine if you can switch that motivation into something that feels good for you.

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