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Blink and you might miss it!

Ever feel like you are losing minutes or even hours in each day lately?

Therese explains her most recent experience of time getting away mysteriously and how it might be related to temporal anomalies.

Synchronicities…what are they, how do we get them and how to keep them…

Almost like a coincidence , when we start to see certain numbers continuously, answers to questions that may have been floating around in your head start to appear, these are not a coincidence – these are synchronicities.

It is the universe’s way of giving us a sign that you are on the right track, you are in the right place – you are where you need to be.


By slowing down and listening to your gut feelings, you will be opening yourself up to noticing these happenings more closely.

“I don’t know how but [insert your situation here] is going to work out better then I expected!”

Learning how to get out of your own way, is where you need to start.

“I just know it will work out, because I’ve decided it will work out!”

How powerful does that sound?!

  • Getting out of your head space and actively looking for the signs of synchronicities.
  • Deciding what you want and letting go of the control
  • Activating your Heart Intelligence – What feels Good?

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