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What you are feeling will impact on what you receive from instant manifesting.

Rach & Therese are talking about 2018, the energy of the year and how we can move forward with it.

If you are saying that 2018 is going to be a fantastic year – it’s THE year! But your mind is thinking…”Nope!! Not this year” it will be making a negative impact on your manifesting.

Therese explains what happened in the last spirit circle which happened to line up at a very significant time.

She speaks of the full moon energy being accumulative, meaning that it will continue to build in energy until we reach the new moon cycle. The full moon is all about letting go and releasing, whereas the new moon is all about drawing in all of the energy.

The spirit circle went over the topic of limiting beliefs and it turned out to be quite a powerful session as the group was able to ask the questions about what some of those thoughts & beliefs were that was hindering their growth.

Creating a release statement around your limiting beliefs and thoughts will help you to work through them.

“I release now and forever the belief that [insert your belief/thought here] “

Focus your energy on making space for the new.

What are your beliefs, are they limiting you or are they expanding your possibilities?

It doesn’t matter what we believe to be true, what we believe to be true determines what is possible for us.

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