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The new moon energy is still potent and is showing the results for Rach & Therese. Rach tells us how it has finally kicked her into gear to get the new website work in motion – harnessing all the productive energy!


“Brain Dumping” is a thing, did you know?

Getting whats in your head onto paper, not only so you can see it and (maybe) stop procrastinating so much – but so you can get it done and be more productive with your own time and energy. Having it there physically in front of you – whether in the form of a to-do list or a journal, can help you feel more accountable…and how good does it feel to tick things off the list?!

Clearing your mind, and getting this stuff down on paper helps to clear your mind, making room for more ideas and the plans to flow through!

Making a weekly habit of ticking off your to-do list or your journal, acknowledging what you have got done and reflecting on your accomplishments, what you have attracted – it is all proof that you are doing what you are focusing on.


The more that you focus on your success, the more that it builds the feeling of success.

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