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Right now, we all need to be a little more grounded as there is a strong intense energy coming through due to the moon.

This is a specific moon lunar energy alignment that has not happened for 150 years.

What did you dream about during the eclipse?

We now have new higher density beings who are here to be our
teachers, cosmically. So while we are sleeping, these beings do their teachings directly to our subconscious – you won’t always remember these dreams.

What we learn from these beings is stored into our subconscious – only to be
accessed when we are consciously ready.

When You Are Consciously Ready!

Awakened > Activated

Therese’s touches on the definitions of the levels of “awakened”individuals and how important both of these groups are.

Rach gives us some great examples of her personal experience of being unconsciously aware, moving into a higher dimensional living – without
really being aware of it all.

Where do you feel you are, Awakened & Activated or Unconsciously Aware?

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