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Therese shows off her fabulous new hair-do and we talk about how we need to do these “treats” for ourselves without the long and drawn out justification as to why we need or even deserve it – of course you do!

You deserve ALL of it!

Why do you think that we stop looking at ourselves as part of the big
picture, instead we consider ourselves as something that is external to
the outcome of it?

Presenting yourself and dressing more for your personality will help to
make you more identifiable to your audience for your business – and
what your business is all about.

Being more clear will encourage the trust of those being lead to your business for their purpose as you are being authentic to yourself and business, they will see this.

Be Authentic to You

Sometimes, we stray (a little too far) from who we are within, but when we come back to our centre – it feels like home, comfortable.

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