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Have you been finding David Bowie singing in your head lately? Being inspired by him somehow to do something creative? Well there is a very big reason, because he’s got a message and an energy that just can’t be ignored! Therese and I worked that the hard way lol…

In this episode Therese channels an interview with David Bowie!

He wants to share his perspective about creativity and the importance of allowing creative expression! We might even start doing more of these “interviews with the other side”.

Therese was a bit nervous doing this one but David wasn’t going to let her fear of what people would think, stop her from sharing his message. We did one of our usual channeling sessions with our team the day we found out he’d passed over and thought we’d see if we could talk to David Bowie and within a flash, he was there! He wasn’t interested in going over his life, he just wanted to talk to us about creativity, something he was very passionate about exploring, expressing and living in his human experience.

From the other side he has even more to say and he’s now an easily accessible force for creatives here on earth which is REALLY exciting!

So without further babble from me (Rach) – Have a listen to what David Bowie has to say <3 Oh and he has some f**king awesome quotes to go with this episode which we'll put out in places 😉 Fabulous-bowie

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