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What is going on with the energy lately?

Extreme Intense Energy

Re-evaluating relationships & project, New Starts

Feeling the energy on an emotional and physical level

Everyone is feeling this shift to some degree, but we are all at different stages

It is the frequency that you are currently on that will determine the the stage of energy that you will be experiencing at this time.

Exhaustion Dizzy Nauseous Overwhelm

The lower vibrational stuff that we have been putting off dealing with is now starting to bubble up to the surface, it needs to be cleared and now is the time. It is being triggered easily and it feels intense, catching us off-guard. In order to move up the vibrational scale, we need to clear all of the lower vibrations, but like any detox it is going to feel hard! it will feel like things are falling apart or falling away, but you are being cracked open allowing you to move forward in the 5th density easier and quicker. You will be clearing all that is not in alignment with your 5th density.


At this time, you can have brilliant moments of clarity and be on a roll, then there will be moments of a dense mental fog where you wonder where that knowledge went but it’s not gone, it is just being processed into your cellular level and you will get the clarity once again.

Right now, all of this shifting feels very extreme. But hold on, because it won’t last long and you will be stronger for it. This shift isn’t just happening to you, it is happening across the board to many people in different situations – this shift is going full scale baby!

We are the selected group to be present on Earth right now, the experts of the galaxy , in transition!

You Got This!

This is about healing, letting go of what is no longer serving us, letting go of what is no longer in vibrational alignment of where we are and where we want to be


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