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There are many different aspects of about being a woman in today’s world that we could talk about…like beauty marks….

But let’s focus on an important topic of being a woman in 2018 and how the tables are turning with some force in our direction!

We don’t just mean from how women were programmed 50+ years ago, we talk about as recent as 2017.

The ladies discuss the differences in their households during their childhood and what they had noticed growing up and how women were programmed to do the “womens work” of staying home with the kids keeping the house tidy and husband happy..because he’s the only one who had a hard day!

It is amazing to see the change over 3 generations of how the relationships in the house have developed into more team-work orientated to make the ship sail, working as a family.

It is due to the actions of the women in our lives that came before us
(thanks mum & grandma!) in our families that has given us more choice and freedom to be the women that we are today – and for the women who follow us.
We aren’t done yet, we still have a ways to go!

The Divine Feminine Rising!

In this complex emotional time, it will bring with it all of the complex
emotions in ourselves.

“Just a Mum” isn’t enough for some women and that’s OK! For others it is the epitome of being a woman – and that is amazing too!! Being shamed or judged for being one or the other is wasting energy and itisn’t conducive to our turning tables ladies, there is bigger fish to fry!

When you know that you have made the right decision, there ishappiness inside of you, and there is happiness all around you.

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