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Jupiter, the planet of expansion has gone into retrograde, what does this mean for you?

Because of this, it may feel like we are spinning our wheels and going no-where fast – with little results.

So, we talk ourselves into doing more (more then we need to but don’t realise!) and convince ourselves that in doing so, we will yield more of the results that we are after.

If you aren’t feeling all of the feels about what you are doing (business), you need to take a step back and re-assess.

Are you apart of the tribe of over-givers?

It could mean that there may still be a part of you that is not in belief that you “have this” or that you are capable and worthy of all that comes in, all of these feelings seem to arise when you (and your business) get bigger.

You Have The Tools!

When you are pursuing something that is outside of the normal spectrum, take time to contemplate and consider how your gifts have changed or even saved your life & write these down and keep them close as a reminder.

Your gift is a strong valuable tool, use it!

Embrace those gifts and talents and let them take you to where you want to be!

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