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When you are putting in all of the hard work and it feels like the results are still so far out of reach, it is really easy to get disheartened and lose sight of the end goal.

With business and entrepreneurship, there really isn’t an end point to reach – it will be ongoing as it is more like markers that you want to reach along this journey.

Rach & Therese break it down into a metaphor for the specifics on how to get your “cookie”… it takes a lot more work then we realise at the time!

In this scenario, the cookie can represent the income level that you would like toachieve, or the level of success that you want to reach, the lifestyle or the perfect family/life balance.

You did the hard work to get this far, you nearly have your cookie –                             it just has to cook!

Having the strategy & mindset in place are two of the most critical ingredients for your cookie to work. Sometimes, we may need a bit of guidance to help us along the way – so we don’t burn the cookies!

There will be multiple guides along your journey that will help you with the strategy & mindset until you are able to find what works for you and your business. This includes energy work – working with your business in energy and your Team in Spirit, beliefs & energy manifesting.

Procrastination, Overwhelm, Confidence, self-doubt and productivity are all pieces of the mindset puzzle that entrepreneurs have to contend with.

You need to do the work on a regular basis!

When you are in the right mindset, you have the conscious awareness to know
when you are coming up to “the wall” and you are able to understand that it is just a temporary block but you need the foundational elements to break through the wall.

Some of our natural abilities can also hinder our mindset success – ability alone won’t get you there.

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