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All of the feels of chaos, drama and destruction is all because of Chiron…again! Therese tells us all about the goings on of Chiron and why it has us feeling the way that we do.

Chiron – the wounded healer, when it comes through it is activating the parts within us that we have left in-healed for whatever reason or they are possibly in-healable. The emotions that come up with the unhealed can range from shame, regret, guilt, hopelessness, frustration & anger.

Then, because these feelings have resurfaced, we begin to convince ourselves that this will never change, it will never get better because here we are again!
What is happening for you right now?

When you are willing to face your fears and sort through what is coming up, you are then able to begin to move forward and heal.

Acknowledge it

What if you can’t heal it?

Expectation & short term gratification are some of the main blocks that hinder us from being able to “fix” the wound. This shift in Chiron is forcing people to acknowledge their blocks and begin the process to heal them so that they are able to move forward with this shift without the excess baggage holding them down.

Do not surrender to your fears – stare them in the eye!

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