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What is normal? Time certainly isn’t anymore!

Time shifts and changes now like it never has done before and we are becoming more increasingly aware of it and having to find new ways to find the flow of it and adapt.

Some days though, it can feel near impossible to scratch off those jobs on your to-do list because life has this funny quirk where it likes to interrupt and get in the way of your productivity streak.

How do you feel when that happens?

The dead-line is all in your mind! Time is not running out!

Having the internal drive to knock that list off is great, however the downside of having the drive so intensely is that it will DRIVE you…too far! Burnout!

What are the feelings that arise for you when you set yourself a BIG goal?


When you have an idea or target that you want to reach, it can be hard to resist getting on that train and blowing all the steam to get it moving to make into reality, when you really should sit on it and contemplate it – let it come through when the energy is right, the end result will be worth it.

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