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Rach dives in to tell us all about the recent events in their family with young Jaks showing some red flags for autism.

No one can really plan to catch the curve balls that life throws our way, but it is the way that we approach it and how we handle the situation or circumstances that will determine the outcome – and we will come away stronger for it.

Life does this to everyone!

There is hope!

What curve balls has life thrown your way lately?

Dealing with all of the feels when people (Drs/experts) are telling you that maybe
there is something “wrong” with your child who you see & know as no less then
perfect, this child is a gift! – can be quite overwhelming and takes time to absorb the diagnosis.

Putting “Labels” on these diagnosis can be triggering, you may go through a
grieving process of what you thought it should be like but are now faced with a
different reality – and it will get better as the information starts to come through and you are able to have a clearer understanding of what life will be like from this point.

Feel it, Trust it!

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