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Today we are talking about what is going on with the energy at the moment as it is being picked up by our clients, our friends and ourselves.


It’s a cycle of RELEASE


We are being prompted on a cosmic level to do some “spring cleaning” if you will, so whatever is old, doesn’t work or hasn’t been used, this also applies to what is aligning or not aligning with us as well.


You cannot avoid this!


“We are the master creator & the master piece at the same time”


If we are able embrace the opportunities that are brought to us, instead of succumbing to resistance so easily and sometimes too often, in a way we get to grow & develop faster – what is bad about that?


We all want our progress to be heading in the right direction but in order for this to happen we need to sort out (ie. Spring clean) what is in front of us right now that maybe unnecessarily draining our energy.


What is going to be your purge?

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