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It’s time to get down to the foundations of the business and see what is working for us and what isn’t – what needs to change.


It is important to do this in not only your business world but in your personal life aswell periodically.


Even though our minds seem to thrive on routines and patterns, every once in awhile you have to shake things up a bit. Even if you don’t like to deal with change, nothing can grow in a stagnant situation.


It doesn’t have to be a scary or even a difficult process, you can look at it as an exciting and positive process – what are you going to get out of this assessment? It is going to help you grow, be more productive and tailoring your business to the right dynamic rather then a broad spectrum approach.


Ensuring that your foundations are set securely and able to withstand the growth and directions will prevent the avoidable cracks from appearing in your foundations.


It is inevitable that there will be the initial teething problems when it comes to implementing the new systems & strategies, but this is all part of the learning process and tweaking these problems will help to stabalise the foundation. As you move through them, the process will become less scary and more empowering.


Be very REAL about what is working & what isn’t


Every human being, idea and every system go through the numerology cycle including stage 5!


It is a choice to reassess…a smart choice!


When you are aware of what is happening in your business you will be more in tune of how and where it needs to change and grow

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