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After a quick recap of the latest podcast by Therese, she explains how we can find out who is actually on our own Team in Spirit.

It really is That Simple!

Most people don’t realize how simple it is really is as easy as going in and asking the Team themselves. 

Before you knew or accepted the spiritual world, how did you explain to yourself or others about what was happening in a moment?

What were your beliefs?

Rach gives us an insight into her thoughts & justifications prior to her accepting the spiritual being.

Therese explains that the Team in Spirit won’t come forth until we are ready to know or ask, due to “free will”. You may want to plead ignorance for a bit longer or you just aren’t ready to accept that they exist yet.

We have a team of energies and frequencies that are working with us every, single day.

Therese and Rach remind us that like many people, we assume that there is only one singular“guide” It wasn’t until they began to dig deeper that it was revealed to them that in fact there is a TEAM behind all of the magic.

As we begin to understand that we are able to get the answers that we seek internally, we realize that those “talented” people are really more limited to what they can see in us as opposed to the full version that we receive about ourselves; they can only see a fraction.

If our higher-self doesn’t feel that it is in our best interest to know these certain aspects, it will not be granted to those who are seeking the answers for us – permission denied.

It is all about Spiritual Growth

Knowing & truly understanding who is in your Team in Spirit, this is completely up to you!

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