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So, let’s talk about what is happening around us lately!

Therese gives us some clues on what is in store for those of us with growing kids, after a growth spurt the fun really begins in her house!

Hormonal Kids…affectionately known as PMS’ing Toddlers!


Don’t laugh…Your fun is coming!

Rach is breathing a sigh of relief as her young lad Jakson is not yet vocal enough to give cheek, however Rach seems to be on a constant alert to try and interpret what it is that Jaks is trying to communicate to her, running through the checklist of possibilities of what it might be that a toddler needs or wants.

Rach also reveals to us how the results of an indicator test for ADHD that she participated in has opened up her mind to the way her brain works and how it has changed her approach to daily life. She shared this test with her husband & close family, the results she compared really surprised her – after getting her own score of 85%, her husband got 13%, Therese scored 35% and Rach’s sister scored a 81%.

The brain just WORKS differently!

We need to remind ourselves that we don’t – and we can’t all fit into the one size box, as much as society and governing bodies would like us to, its just not possible and a universal approach just isn’t practical.

Both Rach & Therese let us know what they use as coping strategies and what they have learnt along their journeys, including triggers and symptoms.

Each of us have our own unique solution

What works for someone as their solution, won’t always work for others.

Anger is Stagnant Energy

Therese talks us through how she came to realize what was causing her anger to be triggered so easily. It was due to the excess amount of energy that she hadn’t expelled through the day – it was showing up as anger for her. Therese soon discovered the solution to this was to RUN, running was a more effective way of spending her energy then a brisk walk. Running for Therese is her solution to prevent the energy becoming stagnant resulting in easily triggered anger.

Rach’s “running” solution is revealed as Brainstorming! This breaks her Hyper-focus state and she is able to channel the energy to better work around her environment.

What is your solution?

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