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Today, let’s delve into the concept of personal power, where we lose power, where it goes and when we give it away.

How do we know when we are in power and we are out of power?

Rach clues us into what it feels like for her when she recognizes that she is out of power.

To Rach, it is when the feeling of hopelessness arises, feeling the loss of control or not having a choice in a situation, feeling like she is unable to change whatever might be happening.

To Therese, powerless feeling arises when she is not able to recognize the choices available.


We can feel powerless when we have an expectation of something that we have a strong emotional attachment to – it doesn’t show up how we expected it to.


Taking a step back to remember that we ALWAYS have a choice, we can choose to accept what we can’t change or we can remain in place of complete resistance – chewing over it internally.

When we have given too much of our power away, we can feel like there is no choice.

Powerless to Powerful

It is possible!

A power leak is when we are giving our power away without knowing that we are doing so.

When curveballs are thrown our way, ie. Child development, we can feel powerless because our “plan” hasn’t shown up how we expected it to.

There is ALWAYS a choice, the path way direction just may change a little!

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